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Aggressive, Fearful & Reactive Dogs

Have a fearful, aggressive, or reactive dog? This is for you.

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Service Description

Does your dog bark and lunge on leash? Afraid of strangers or other dogs? Guard food, toys, people or locations? We can help. A Behavior Consultation is the first step to relief. In this first visit, we will gather information and observe your dog and environment. The result is plans created to close the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be. Our behavior appointments follow the initial Behavior Consultation. We work to minimize undesirable behaviors and replace them with something that works for you. We work together in the environment the behavior occurs. If your dog is struggling with walks, that's where we work. If strangers entering your home is concerning, we work there. During our initial appointment we will prioritize the most troublesome behavior and set a plan for success. Behavior appointments include behavior modification plans, detailed notes and email support. The initial behavior consultation is $300 and includes an hour and a half of in-person consult time at your home and plan writing. Follow up behavior visits are $150 per hour. If your plans include some manners and foundations work, we will pair you with one of our Fear Free Certified Professional (FFCP) trainers to optimize efficiency and cost. The FFCP trainers are $125 an hour and collaborate with the team using the same tools. If you need boarding for a fearful, aggressive or reactive dog, we can pair you with just the right care team and location for a low stress stay. Ask any of your team about this service. All sessions are based on an hourly rate that is prorated based on actual time used.

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2257 Ridgeview Drive, Plano, TX, USA

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