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Board & Train

Why Us?

Board & Train programs have traditionally used tools like e-collars, prong collars, choke chains and slip leads to teach compliance. We don't.


Our programs teach dogs to coexist happily - they choose to do what we ask because they want to, not because we they have to "or else." Humans predict great things, not fear or pain, when working with Wiggle Butt Academy.


We commit to providing the highest quality learning without the nasty side effects of force.

Our Board & Train Programs


We focus on the right education at the right time. From critical-period socialization, manners, and healthy puppy play through adolescence - we guide you with kindness and science.

Adolescent & Adult Manners

Want training but need a serious jump start? We've got you! From manners to Canine Good Citizen prep, we develop plans to fit your family's needs


Fearful, Reactive & Aggressive Dogs

We are one of few companies in the Metroplex that offer fear and force free Board & Train services for fearful or aggressive dogs. Let's talk if you need help.


Our board and train programs require a minimum of 2 weeks. We have three options:


Silver: this is our budget friendly board and train camp. This a M-F option that is $965 per week. The initial consult and follow up sessions are billed seperately.

Gold: our Gold package includes a full 2 week stay but the initial consultation and follow up sessions are billed separately. This option is $1250 per week.

Platinum: This is our full 2 week program and includes a consultation before your dog's stay so that we sync goals. The program also includes three in person or zoom follow ups to keep your progress going. This option is $1500 per week.



Here is what is included with all three options:

  • A training plan

  • During the program, your dog will get 10+ sessions

  • Wiggle Butt Academy Classroom

  • Daily pictures, videos, notes and updates

  • Play group experience if dog friendly

  • Field trips, if this is part of your goals

  • Daily enrichment (Kongs, lickimats, puzzles, cuddles)

  • A happy dog!

Here is what is not included:

  • Surprises

  • Tools that cause fear, force or pain

  • Methods that scare your dog

  • Physical punishment like alpha rolls, helicoptering, choking

Call us with questions, we are happy to chat about our board and train options.

Want more details about our Platinum option? Read our flipbook for even more.

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