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Meet the Wiggle Butt Team

Jenny's dogs


Jenny is a graduate of the prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers and is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer from CCPDT.  She recently completed Kim Brophy’s Family Dog Mediation Certification and received her Pet Nutrition Coach Certification from the North American Veterinary Community. Most recently, Jenny completed the 30+ hour Master's Course in Aggression from Michael Shikashio.

Jenny was a business leader and consultant for 20 years before deciding to trade her desk job for her dream job.  When not working with her clients, she dedicates time to the Richardson Humane Society, where she sits on the board and has been a volunteer since 2003, fostering and working with dogs across a spectrum of breeds, ages, sizes, and temperaments.  

She shares her home in East Dallas with her husband and three dogs, Biggs, Clementine, and Nutmeg.  



Known as the "Harvard" of dog training schools, the Academy offers this two year comprehensive program with in- depth education in dog training, behavior modification and client counseling.Academy studies "focus on two main themes: how animals learn and how best to change their behavior; and how to work with the people who will be your clients. For the dog training component, this includes training obedience behaviors and understanding basic behavior problems, but also includes working with fearful and aggressive dogs."

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Family Dog Private Trainer

Have kids & a dog? We've got your back. Our Family Dog Private Training Program is tailor made with all of the information, and fun, you need.


PPG Professional Member

The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) "was founded based on a commitment to provide educational resources to pet care providers and the public coupled with an emphasis on building collaboration among force-free pet trainers and professional pet care providers and advocates for mutually agreed guiding principles for the pet care industry.  PPG partners, members and affiliates focus on each pet’s physical, mental, environmental and nutritional well-being adhering to a holistic approach to the care and training of family pets."


Fear Free Certified

Completing the Fear Free Animal  Program allows trainers to work in partnership with veterinary teams to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress and improve an animal’s emotional wellbeing during veterinary care and home care. This certification program is designed to give qualified animal trainers the knowledge and tools required to begin implementing Fear Free techniques with their clients’ pets at the veterinary hospital, through in-clinic training classes for puppies and kittens, and in day-to-day training of animals in the home.


Certified Family Dog Mediator

Kim Brophey’s L.E.G.S. Model of Integrated Canine Science, endorsed by leading canine scientists and celebrated by dog pros worldwide, has been called “ the single most important development in the dog behavior industry” and “ the future of dog training”.  As an applied ethologist,  Kim introduces us to the basic foundational system of orchestral elements that direct the behavior of every single animal on Earth and explains what this means for our modern canine companions. 


Board Member

Richardson Humane Society was chartered as a 501(c)3 Non Profit Texas corporation in 2000. We are an all volunteer group and have grown to more than 100 volunteers. As of 2019, we have rescued and re-homed over 2400 homeless pets.

The purpose of this society is to rescue and re-home adoptable pets, educate our community regarding the prevention of cruelty to animals, promote animal population control through advocation of spay/neuter programs, and extend humane education.



CPDT-KA stands for Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed. Those with this certification have at least 300 hours of dog training experience within the previous three years, obtain a reference from another CPDT-KA trainer or veterinarian, and agree to the certification council's Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics and Least-Intrusive Minimally-Aversive (LIMA) Behavior Intervention Philosophy. They have also passed a 180-question exam that tests them on instruction skills, learning theory, ethology, training equipment and animal husbandry. To maintain certification status, trainers must complete continued education credits or re-take the exam every three years.

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Association of Professional Dog Trainers

Jenny is a professional member of APDT - the world’s largest professional dog training community.


Master Course - Aggression in Dogs

The Master Course for Aggression in Dogs is a course for Trainers and Behavior Consultants led by Michael Shikashio, CDBC. The course includes 30+ hours of education on all aspects of working with dogs showing variations of aggressive behavior.

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