The Wiggle Butt Team

We take wiggle butts seriously.

Our team is serious about education. We offer proven, science based services that treat you and your family with kindness. Whether you have a new puppy or a seasoned senior, we are here for you and your pets for their lifetime if you'll have us.

Please, verify our credentials. Choosing the right professional for your dog is a very important decision.

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Founder, Lead Behavior Consultant and Trainer

Training Team

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Trainer, Puppy Specialist

Pitbull Portrait

Trainer, Fearful Dog Apprentice

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Trainer, Certified PetTech Instructor

Feline Training Apprentice

Sweet Dog


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Trainer, Behavior Consultant in Mentorship


Trainer, Operator of Board and Train, Behavior Consultant in Mentorship

Administration Team

Business Administrator

Two French Bulldogs

Team Administrator

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Nicole recently purchased a grooming, boarding and daycare center in Plano, Texas. DZD employs 25 pet care professionals who treat your dog like their own. This facility offers a high employee to dog ratio so that we can offer the highest standards of care and cleanliness.

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our promise to you

We will treat you and your dogs with kindness and compassion. We will never shock, choke or otherwise cause fear or pain to your pet.  We will use the science of animal learning to efficiently change behavior and develop your dog's skills. We will provide clear assessments of behavior and thorough plans to drive change.