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Puppy Products 

So Much Stuff...

Ever wonder what to buy for your puppy so that you...

...choose what works the best?
...can have things that last longer than the puppy stage?
...don't end up with piles of stuff you won't use?
...go broke buying everything?

You may not need as much as you think.  

We have curated our favorite food enrichment items, toys, potty training set ups, harnesses and collars to get you started on the right paw. We've added a few books too!

Enrichment - Food 




Kongs are one of the tried and true interactive toys and a must have for all dog owners - we love them for dogs of all ages and stages. The company makes special versions for puppies, seniors and extreme chewers.

You may have a Kong at home that you have tried before, but your dog didn't interact. Good news - that Kong is still ready to go.  We have to first teach your dog to use it. Then, the magic is in how you stuff it! 

You may want to purchase a few to pre-stuff just in case you need a little time to yourself.

Click here to teach your dog to use a Kong.

Here is a fun interactive tool to learn about Kong stuffing visually.

Click here for some fun stuffing ideas directly from Kong.

Kong Store at Amazon

puzzle feeder a.jpg

Snuffle Mats

Start with one. This simple feeding or play-time mat activates your pup's foraging skills.

More snuffle mats on Amazon


Start with one, but you'll probably buy more.  


Smear xylitol-free peanut butter, plain greek yogurt, whipped cream cheese (or more) on a Lickimat to provide a soothing, long lasting experience.

Click here for LickiMat tips

More Lickimats on Amazon

Puzzle Feeders

Start with one. Alternate a puzzle feeder and a snuffle mat for no-brainer (for you) mealtime enrichment.

More puzzle feeders on Amazon

Enrichment - Toys

Let's start with some things that will tire out your pup so you can get some sleep. 

Flirt Pole 1.jpg

Flirt Poles


You only need one. The best starter version for a puppy is the first one pictured, but choose any one you like. 

This is like a sturdy cat teaser toy that you'll use this to drag along the floor so your puppy can play chase. Puppies use both mental and physical energy playing with this, so you get a double dip of fun. Just a few minutes a day to start will keep your puppy engaged and playful.

Can be used inside from the sofa or outside in yard.

More flirt poles on Amazon

Chew Toys

Other Toys

Untitled design (22).png

West Paw Rowdies


Get one. They are pricey but the company has a guarantee. We have one that has lived through 6 years of 12+ dogs and fosters!

West Paw Toys we generally love this brand for additional food toys and high quality products

Canine Condo & Potty Training Set Up

fresh patch.jpg

Canine Condo


A canine condo is a place for your pup to be safely contained when not directly supervised. If you have to be out of the house longer than you know your puppy can hold it - we recommend using a patch of grass instead of a puppy pad. Potty training has a lot to do with reinforcing what surface you'd like you puppy to "go" on. For more on house training, click our housetraining page.

The Potty Patch linked here is a grass "litter box" that goes inside the condo. Because this is grass, if you have to use it, it will still reinforce grass as a substrate preference which is important during housebreaking training.


Harness DPS.jpg
puppia harness.jpg

Puppy's first harness


These make a great first harness. They are soft, comfortable and washable. One of these should be put on and off frequently during the socialization period to help your pup get accustomed to body handing. 

Freedom Harness.jpg


Blueberry Pet has nice quality, flat, every day collars. Be sure to remove when in condo or crate!

2Hounds Design Collars and Harnesses 

When graduating to loose leash walking outside - we love a martingale collars. Before you purchase one, let's talk so we can help you select the correct one. It's important not to use any option that causes pain or discomfort. Our favorites are from 2Hounds. 

Please do not select any collar that has prongs, electronic signals, shocks, beeps or sprays. We are happy to discuss this with you.

Puppy's First Treats


We love these soft treats for puppies. Break each small treat into several small treats during a training session.


Other Treat Options


Amazon Wag Treats


Kong Treats and Paste

wellness puppy treats.jpg
puppy paste.jpg


Doggie Language.jpg

Buy this one!


This is a fun, simple, dog body language book that everyone in the family will enjoy.

Wag book.jpg

Fellow Academy graduate Zazie Todd, PhD authored this book about making your dog happy.

Wiggle Butt Academy is an affiliate of Amazon and Chewy. At no additional cost to you, we receive a small amount of compensation from our affiliate links. This helps us continue to curate the very best products for you and your family. Thank you for shopping through our links with these retailers.

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