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Some great must-haves for all dogs

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Products for Walking, Including Fearful & Reactive Dogs
Long Leash for Loose Leash Walks

We like every dog to have a 15 foot soft, round leash. If you are planning to do decompression or sniffaris, a 30 foot version is also great to have. 

Alternatively you can get two 15 foot ones and connect them with a locking carabiner.

Recommended Harness

Get this harness. You won't need another. It has velvet under the armpits and a Y front for safe biomechanics. It has both a front and back clip as well. USA made. 

For escape artists, we will show you how to pair this with a martingale collar for the ultimate in safety.

Locking Carabiner

We like these carabiners for leash connections. They lock, and they are inexpensive enough that you can keep a few attached to your leash to hook on poop bags, or use as an additional connection for a tether station on a tree.

Recommended Collars

These are our favorite martingale collars -- be sure to get one with a buckle.  These are expensive, so a good alternative is one from 2Hounds. They are hard to come by on the web, so if you are near Doggie Zen Den you can grab on from our store. We carry many colors and sizes.  The key feature is to get a buckle on the collar.

Products for Fearful & Reactive Management

This is one of our favorite cling films. It's easy to apply and has no adhesive. We use this with the initial stages of working with dogs who are reactive inside the home to things they see outside the home. Preventing the visual of the stimuli reduces 'practicing' the unwanted behavior.

Wiggle Butt Academy is an affiliate of Amazon and Chewy. At no additional cost to you, we receive a small amount of compensation from our affiliate links. This helps us continue to curate the very best products for you and your family. Thank you for shopping through our links with these retailers.

Raised Dog Beds

We love raised dog beds and include them in the must-have list for every dog. Our preference is a bed on legs so that when we are working on "place" or "go to bed" training, the boundary for the behavior is very clear to the dog. Plus - most dogs love to rest on a raised bed!

Favorite Brands are Kuranda and Veehoo.  We own both and they have lasted through hundreds of dogs in everyday use.

Cleaning Products

Keep some high quality cleaners on hand. We love Eco-88 the best, but the runners up are Angry Orange and Biokleen.  Biokleen also makes a laundry detergent if you need something to get any special messes out of blankets.

At times you may need to sanitize some laundry but the fabrics aren't suitable for hot or extra hot. This is a laundry additive we use for these washes. Smells great and sanitizes in warm or cool.

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