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Raised Dog Beds

We love raised dog beds and include them in the must-have list for every dog. Our preference is a bed on legs so that when we are working on "place" or "go to bed" training, the boundary for the behavior is very clear to the dog. Plus - most dogs love to rest on a raised bed!

Favorite Brands are Kuranda and Veehoo.  We own both and they have lasted through hundreds of dogs in everyday use.

Cleaning Products

Keep some high quality cleaners on hand. We love Eco-88 the best, but the runners up are Angry Orange and Biokleen.  Biokleen also makes a laundry detergent if you need something to get any special messes out of blankets.

At times you may need to sanitize some laundry but the fabrics aren't suitable for hot or extra hot. This is a laundry additive we use for these washes. Smells great and sanitizes in warm or cool.

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