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A fun and easy game that helps you see more of the behaviors you like!


Let's play this very easy and fun game. All you need is a glass jar for treats and some small treats to use. 

Playing this will get you in the habit of noticing and rewarding behaviors you like. So many times, we focus on the "bad" or unwanted behaviors.  Sometimes, simply this focus reinforces these unwanted behaviors.  We are going to flip this around and focus on the good stuff. Because dogs will do things that get them good things, you will begin seeing more of the behaviors you are rewarding.


Let's use CALMNESS as an example  Let's say you see your normally busy body dog resting calmly on the floor. Walk over and very quiet and slowly place a treat between the front paws. The first time you may get a reaction that involves following you. Just ignore that and wait until your dog is resting calmly again and repeat. When focusing on increasing one behavior you would like to see more of, use this method. Remember, you have 50 treats,  so feel free to reward any behaviors you want to see more frequently!

Recap & Instructions for SMART X 50

What is it?

A way to train your dog by catching them doing something right. The acronym, created by Kathy Sdao, stands for See Mark And Reward Training.

Why do it?

A dog will repeat behaviors that have conseqences that they love --It’s fun & easy!

What do I need to get started?

A glass jar for treats. We like this one: & treats

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