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The E is for Education
  • Communicating with your dog

  • Understanding your dog's communication

  • Understanding normal dog behaviors

  • Understanding your dog's stages of development and aging

  • Recognizing when a behavior may be abnormal

  • Recognizing signs to see your veterinarian


  • time & focus

  • the correct materials

  • observation



  • Dog play can look scary, but certain clues will tell you if it’s safe

  • Digging is a natural behavior that is unwanted

  • Adolescence is a stage needing preparation and understanding

Dog Body Language

Your education on dog body language is one of the most important things we can share with you - we want you to be an expert! Below is a link to help - it’s a lot of information, but worth the time.  Dig in and go through it all. It will pay off for your dog’s entire life.   

Stay tuned for more additions to the education section!

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