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every dog can be a wiggle butt

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If you are looking for dog training and behavior modification solutions that treat animals and their guardians with kindness and compassion - you've found us.


We believe that kindness is the foundation of learning for a house that is built with principles of science.  Our certified dog trainers are educated in canine behavior and certified by multiple independent organizations. 

What Pet Owners Say

"Very Professional"

"Everything was explained to me simply. We discussed what things were reinforcing my dog to continue his behaviors. Once I understood what was actually reinforcing his unwanted behavior, I was able to change it." 

Lauren P.

"Great Service"

"The team is very responsive to my questions. They listen well and provide follow up by phone, text and email. Even though they are busy, I always feel like we are their only clients."

George B.

"Kind & Loving"

"My dog loves to spend time with the Wiggle Butt team. She was afraid of many things after being trained with an e-collar. The collar is now goneI My girl responds well to love and kindness and always looks forward to training."

Suzanne W.

Certified Wiggle Butts