Puppy Launch & Manners

Rowdy is a beautiful and much-loved puppy with parents wanting to give him the best start.

We will work with Rowdy on socialization, manners, husbandry, and body handling. 

Consult Notes

December 10, 2020

Check with your veterinarian if walks with Charlye are ok. Usually, we won't allow a puppy to have paws down outside the backyard (or known disease free areas) unless a certain number of vaccinations are completed.


Rowdy is a biter, and it is completely normal puppy behavior. His little teeth are sharp, so it can really hurt. I added Puppy Biting in a section below. Please read the page. He definitely needs more chew toys (especially so he doesn't start eating the furniture in the confinement area).


This week, I exposed Rowdy to some different surfaces, various husbandry implements with different textures and surface patterns, pool worker and implements. 


We need to adjust Rowdy's area to see him up for success. I did my best to annotate the area in the image below. Let's change the set up and start tightly following the housetraining procedures. My biggest worry is that he gets used to going both inside and on other surfaces (like the bed in his crate). We can review in person more on Tuesday.


I clipped Rowdy's nails, combed and brushed him. His hindquarters have a tendency to tangle, but he handled it like a champ.

Next Visit

If you approve, I would like to bring our puppy (Obi) to play with Rowdy. They are four days

apart in age, so are at the same stage of growth. Obi will help Rowdy with his play biting and socialization. After they play, I can kennel Obi to work with Rowdy on training, etc.

Let's also review the housetraining and talk about Charlye.

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December 15 & 17, 2020

This week we worked on the following behaviors:

  • Sit (with hand signal) - we worked this in three different rooms and outside to generalize the behavior

  • Front (when Rowdy automatically sits in facing front of you)

  • Touch (hand target)

  • Watch me 

We are beginning also to work on drop and down, which will be of focus the next time we meet.

On Thursday, I brushed Rowdy and removed the matts on his hindquarters. I trimmed and filed his nails with a mini Dremel so it would hurt less when he jumps up. During the time I was there, Rowdy urinated three times and pooped once, all outside. He gives clear "i need to go signals" which include moving away from the area and sniffing.

We worked on some different movements with the flirt pole, and I gave him several different textured toys to investigate and chew. He is a curious one!

Charlye and Rowdy seemed very comfortable with each other, and Charlye was more engaged with me than ever. She even came over when Maria was in a different room to engage with me and Rowdy.

Next Visit

We will continue with puppy fundamentals of basic behaviors and socializing. Obi may join us for playtime if Rowdy's shots are complete (2 sets done).

The Puppy VIP List

From 8 to 12-16 weeks of age, there is a critical period of time that impacts a puppy's life. During this time, socialization and handling are the most important areas of focus due to this time sensitivity. Puppies are more open to new experiences during this time which gives us an opportunity to help them feel great about many different things. Housetraining follows closely, as your puppy learns where and when to potty. Learn more below.




Play Biting