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Meet the Wiggle Butt Team


Michael Miranda, FFCP, CPPS

Michael was raised in Dallas and had many dogs as a child, all of which he trained himself. He studied music at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and, after graduating, worked in fine dining and music education while working as a musician, playing in several bands in the area and touring the southwestern United States. After getting his first dog as an adult, Michael reached out to Nicole Kohanski after coming across her name via the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. Several sessions with Nicole sparked an interest in dog behavior, training, and the science behind positive reinforcement. He began learning the basics of training under Nicole while preparing to begin his formal education in dog training. Michael is a certified Fear Free Professional (Veterinary and Trainer) and Professional Pet Sitter and currently runs a boarding and training facility in Prosper, TX. He is working on obtaining his Certificate in Training and Counseling (CTC) from the Academy for Dog Trainers as a recipient of the BIPOC scholarship. Michael's ultimate goals are to spread awareness of the benefits of, and sound science behind, positive reinforcement training methods, to combat the negative stereotypes of people of color and dog ownership, and to help as many owners as possible give their dogs a happy and healthy life.

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Scholarship Recipient

Known as the "Harvard" of dog training schools, the Academy offers this two year comprehensive program with in- depth education in dog training, behavior modification and client counseling.

Academy studies "focus on two main themes: how animals learn and how best to change their behavior; and how to work with the people who will be your clients. For the dog training component, this includes training obedience behaviors and understanding basic behavior problems, but also includes working with fearful and aggressive dogs."

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Certified Pet Sitter

To obtain this credential, professionals must pass the CPPS Exam, adhere to quality standards and a Member Code of Conduct and Ethics and complete 30 CEUs each renewal cycle.

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The Family Dog Private Trainer

Have kids & a dog? We've got your back. Our Family Dog Private Training Program is tailor made with all of the information, and fun, you need.


Certified Professional

Completing the Fear Free Animal Trainer Program allows trainers to work in partnership with veterinary teams to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress and improve an animal’s emotional wellbeing during veterinary care and home care. This certification program is designed to give qualified animal trainers the knowledge and tools required to begin implementing Fear Free techniques with their clients’ pets at the veterinary hospital, through in-clinic training classes for puppies and kittens, and in day-to-day training of animals in the home.

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